Together we can build a foundation of knowledge, make dreams come true, and invest in our world’s future. Niswarth has partnered with the following foundations:

Win Foundation

Wheels India Niswarth Foundation (WIN) is a non-profit US 501 c3 organization. WIN’s express purpose is to support and facilitate research and innovation in the areas of Water and Sanitation (WatSan) and Maternal and Child Health (MCH) issues primarily in India and secondarily in other developing and least developed countries. Its primary operating unit is located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

WIN Foundation was established in December 2017, with a generous donation by Chirag and Priti Patel. They both were born and brought up in Ahmedabad, India before migrating to the US. They consider their donation a form of giving back to their homeland. Chirag Patel and his brother Chintu Patel started a generic pharmaceuticals company called Amneal Pharmaceuticals in 2002. Their efforts of more than 15 years led to a rapid growth of the company. Amneal has approximately 6,500 employees in North America, Asia and Europe. Chirag Patel currently serves as Co-Chairman of Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Wheels Global Foundation

In 2013, WGF was founded as an independent not for profit organization to provide innovative technology driven solutions to the challenges that affect the global rural population in six areas i.e. Water, Healthcare, Energy, Education, Livelihood and Sustainability. The organization collaborates with other national and international NGOs and non-profit organizations, working to assist a larger rural population globally. The main goal of WGF is to increase access, communication, and funding for technologies and/or charitable missions aimed at improving the living conditions of citizens across the globe through the implementation of sustainable programs.

Pear for Pair

For children, by children, Pear for Pair helps those in need by collecting and distributing like-new, clean shoes to children around the world.

Aiming to collect over 5,000 pairs of shoes, Pear for Pair shows children the true joy that comes from sharing and performing an act of kindness for those less fortunate than them. Children and parents receive a Pear for Pair Donation Kit provided by the Niswarth Foundation that contains cleaning wipes, a shoe bag, and a wristband thanking the children for cleaning and donating their shoes.

Donation is simple: children gather their like-new shoe donations and use the provided wipes to clean the shoes and make them presentable for the children receiving them. This cleaning and packing process can be done in a group or individually at home. Cleaned shoes are then placed in the provided bag where volunteers collect and mail them to the Niswarth Foundation. From there, Pear for Pair does the rest, shipping and distributing boxes of shoes to children around the world who desperately need them.

If interested in donating, please reach out to or call (973) 330-6781.

Niswarth Children Foundation – India

Dr. Snehal Parmar’s tireless work has been influential to India’s social development sector and Niswarth is happy to have him as the Chief Functioning Officer of Niswarth Children Foundation – India.

Make a difference today for a better tomorrow.

Niswarth believes that in order for a child to reach their full potential they must have access to the most basic necessities; all of these are critical for a child's overall development. Our objective is to help children reach their fullest potential.
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