Niswarth works in conjunction with communities and governments to ensure that children are able to succeed.

Niswarth’s initiatives are designed to ease the burden felt by students and improve their focus on their educational bedrock. Our efforts have improved the lives of thousands of students and will continue to target areas that need the most assistance. Our goal is to ensure that children are able to hope and dream of the future without worrying about essentials like water and nutrition.
  • Clean Water Technologies

    Clean water is absolutely essential for good health. Niswarth is ensuring that all school-aged children no longer have to struggle to find clean water. This clean water technology is making a monumental difference in schools.

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  • Education/E-Learning

    By providing computer labs and technology to impoverished areas, Niswarth is making the world smarter. Our E-Learning dashboard provides a fuller education to children, connecting them to courses around the world. Children are taught basic computer skills and are equipped to handle the demands of our technology-driven world.

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  • Health/Nutraceuticals

    Keeping children healthy is one of the cornerstones of Niswarth. We work to provide preventative measures to help families keep communities healthy. From teaching first aid to providing warm clothing, Niswarth is improving the well-being of others.

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  • Philanthropy Partners

    Niswarth supports the following philanthropic organizations working around the world.

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